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Smooth N Clear Callus Remover Blue with Foot Peel Mask


The electric callus shaver gently buffs and removes all hard dead skin, leaving foot feeling silky smooth. With the Alayna Deep Foot Peel Exfoliating Mask, it’s the perfect at-home pedicure!


The electric callus shaver gently buffs and removes all hard dead skin leaving foot feeling silky smooth. It’s the perfect at-home pedicure!

IMPROVE THE LOOK & FEEL OF YOUR FEET – Gently Removes Thick Rough Skin To Obtain The Soft, Smooth, Desirable Feet you Always Dreamed of!
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Safer and more effective than Those metal scrapers That Leave You Feet With Cuts, Scrapes And Bruises
POWERFUL – Unique roller with micro mineral particles pulverizes dead skin in an instant
$AVE MONEY – Perfect for home pedicures! Solve your feet problems for the fraction cost of a pricey foot spa.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
Deep Foot Peel Exfoliating Mask – Natural Lavender Scent 2 Pairs – Best Exfoliating Hard & Dead Skin, Callus Peeling Mask for Feet:

SEXY FEET – Go Barefoot, Wear Sandels, Or Flip Flops; Show Off Those Satin Feet!

ULTIMATE FEET TREAT – Add healthy moisture to your feet, loaded with essential oils.

NO MORE BRUISES – No scraping, scrubbing, rasps or rubbing

INSTANT RESULTS – In just 5-7 Days Have The Smoothest And Silkiest Feet In Town!

THE NATURAL WAY – Natural & Safe With Only FDA Permitted Ingredients; NO Papain/Papaya.

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