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Alayna 65″ Splash Pad Sprinkler Mat Outdoor Inflatable Blue Water Toy with Fish Design for Kids, Toddlers, and Children Great for The Summer

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  • CHILDS FIRST SPLASH- This Alayna sprinkler mat is the ultimate way to introduce your kid to his or her first water play!
  • DURABLE- This strong PVC mat will not disappoint you with a tear or pop like many others. Place the mat in soft ground like grass and guarantee you will have no disappointments!
  • EASY USE- Simply attach your standard garden hose to the splash pad and in seconds your kid will be jumping and splashing in the water
  • 65″ Mat: The Alayna sprinkler mat is 65 inches. Please note that there was a mistake on the box printing- and it mistakenly reads as 54 inch instead of 65 inch.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- This splash pad will be your kids go to activity all summer. 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


The fun characters on this mat will make your child all smiles and keep your little one cool and entertained all summer long!

1. Before setup check the area for sharp objects rocks, sticks, lawn sprinklers, or any other objects that can cause injury or damage to the sprinkler mat.
2. Make sure to set the sprinkler mat up on flat lawn surface.
3. Place the sprinkler mat at least 10 ft away from trees, walls, garden equipment, holes, or other objects.
4. Do no use if damaged. Inspect the product before use for ters rips or holes.


2. Competent adult supervision is always required. Adult should instruct in proper use of this toy
3. Remove all hard and sharp objects from the person using this toy
When using for long periods of play move the mat occasionally to prevent depression in the ground underneath the mat.

After Use:
1. Carefully deflate, dry, roll up, and store this product when not in use.
2. Do not store this product indoors or in a closed container until completely dry.
3. Store this product in a safe place out of reach of children to prevent suffocation.


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